Multi-target tracking with Single Moving Camera

Did you know that you can get reasonably useable depth information from a single camera? I would have thought that it wasn’t practical. Clearly someone forgot to tell the folks at the UMichigan vision lab.

  • An overview with cool video
  • The first paper
  • A paper from the next year, extending the concept using a Kinnect for depth
  • Datasets. This kind of implies that the system is not real time?
  • The code on github. No, they say it’s github, but it’s actually good, old SVN. Downloading now. Done. Big.
    • Requires the following libraries
    • Boost (general libraries)
    • OpenCV (computer vision)
    • Cmake – cross-platform make

Looks like it should compile on any platform, and it looks like it’s not real time (images are stored in files). Looks like I need to set up a GCC environment

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