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This looks interesting

First, I got the headset. Very nice.

Second, there is a company, sixense, that looks to be making some very good immersive hardware and a free(?) api. This might be very good for the pointing test. And they have some nice sound (midi) code too. It’s somehow tied up with Intel’s perceptual computing effort. I learned about this from a slashdotted article about the Holodeck Project.

Some Prior Art?

Displaying sound indications on a wearable computing system


Example methods and systems for displaying one or more indications that indicate (i) the direction of a source of sound and (ii) the intensity level of the sound are disclosed. A method may involve receiving audio data corresponding to sound detected by a wearable computing system. Further, the method may involve analyzing the audio data to determine both (i) a direction from the wearable computing system of a source of the sound and (ii) an intensity level of the sound. Still further, the method may involve causing the wearable computing system to display one or more indications that indicate (i) the direction of the source of the sound and (ii) the intensity level of the sound.

Multi-target tracking with Single Moving Camera

Did you know that you can get reasonably useable depth information from a single camera? I would have thought that it wasn’t practical. Clearly someone forgot to tell the folks at the UMichigan vision lab.

  • An overview with cool video
  • The first paper
  • A paper from the next year, extending the concept using a Kinnect for depth
  • Datasets. This kind of implies that the system is not real time?
  • The code on github. No, they say it’s github, but it’s actually good, old SVN. Downloading now. Done. Big.
    • Requires the following libraries
    • Boost (general libraries)
    • OpenCV (computer vision)
    • Cmake – cross-platform make

Looks like it should compile on any platform, and it looks like it’s not real time (images are stored in files). Looks like I need to set up a GCC environment