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Cluster Analysis in Mathematica

UMBC appears to have a Wolfram Pro account and student copies of Mathematica, covered by tuition, it seems. I need to do cluster analysis on words, trigraphs and digraphs. This seems to be a serious win. One option is to use the heavy client. This page seems to cover that.

I wonder if I can use Alpha Pro as a service for an analysis page though. That could be very cool. It certainly seems like a possibility. More as this progresses…


  • R Commander Two-way Analysis of Variance Model –
  • Success! In that I was able to read in a file (Insert->File Path…), then click Import under the line. Boy, that’s intuitive…
  • ANOVA (yes, all caps) runs like this: ANOVA[myModel, {myFactor1, myFactor2, All}, {myFactor1, myFactor2}]