Notes and links for putting together a text-input/speech output web db system for taking notes.

TTS Links:

  • GCLI is a Graphical Command Line Interpreter.
    • GCLI is designed to work in a number of environments:
      • As a component of Firefox developer tools.
      • As an adjunct to Orion/Ace and other online editors.
      • As a plugin to any web-page wishing to provide its own set of commands.
      • As part of a standalone web browser extension with it’s own set of commands.
    • Accessibility
      • GCLI uses ARIA roles to guide a screen-reader as to the important sections to voice. We welcome feedback on how these roles are implemented.
      • The command line uses TAB as a method of completing current input, this prevents use of TAB for keyboard navigation. Instead of using TAB to move to the next field you can use F6. In addition to F6, ALT+TAB, CTRL+TAB, META+TAB make an attempt to move the focus on. How well this works depends on your OS/browser combination.

UI Thoughts

  • vi-style input. Insert mode is where mysql commands are typed.
  • :L=foo, P:bar is how you could log in. :logout exits.
  • once logged in, your history is available and searchable.
  • moving the cursor through the history causes that line to be read (enough pause so that the cursor has to stop). Return will re-execute that line.
  • vi line commands should work.
  • :copy should take the last output of the db and put it in the clipboard
  • :fltr should look for matches in the history as you type. The number of matches can be spoken by the app as the search narrows

DB thoughts

  • Users should have their own db that they can configure however they want. Basic tables would be history, notes. a table for macros could be cool.

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