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Done with wiring. Well, for now.

Today’s job was twofold – get all the speakers wired up and test everything as a unit, and if that works, get a cheap bike helmet to mount them all to.


Eight Speakers and Blinky Lights

Testing was a breeze – it turns out that Windows has a nice control panel for configuring speakers:

SpeakerConfigAll I have to do is click on the speaker, which gives me a convenient tone. Otherwise, I’m not sure I ever would have been really sure as to which speaker was what.

Anyway, everything works. The next picture should be looking something like Rick Moranis  in Ghostbusters:

Early Proof-of-Concept

Early Proof-of-Concept

Ok, I’ve got the actuators mounted in the helmet and they work pretty well. The only problem is that the Dolby until is locked into stereo mode and I can’t seem to get it to think that it’s 7.1. Sigh. Guess that’s the problem for tomorrow…


John Carmack on Latency in Virtual Reality

For those who don’t know him, John Carmack II is one of the premier game programmers. He was a co-founder of id Software, which you may have heard of. Among his credits as lead programmer are Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Rage and their sequels. And he’s the founder and lead engineer of Armadillo Aerospace.

In this article for #AltDevBlogADay, he discusses latency, one of the major problems in VR. Absolutely worth the read.

Now with more wires

I managed to get all of the components hooked up around the amps today. Now I have the USB Dolby 7.1 decoder on top of the amp stack, with all four amps bolted together. I’m waiting to get a power strip that I can hook up all the power supplies too. But everything should have a nice blue glow when it’s plugged in. Tomorrow, I’ll hook up the speakers and see how it all sounds/feels.


Today’s laundry list

Not much progress, due to other classes, work, life-in-general. But I have a gap today so:

Meeting at PAD lab to discuss our cohort of projects

I’m going to swing by Home Depot on the way home today to get some .25″-ish threaded rod and nuts so that I can make a tiny rack for all the amps. They also sell Y-adapters, so I’ll pick up a few more of them. Pix by the end of the day, with luck.

And I came across this cool thing:  $59 pcDuino – AllWinner A10 Board with Arduino Compatible Headers. Here’s a picture:

And here we go – the world’s cutest 8-channel amp: