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    • David Wayne Cripe Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, etc. are not advanced countries. If you disregard gun fatalities among “hyphenated-Americans” we would come in about 5th on the list.

    • Pig Tush Interesting claim. Source?

    • David Wayne Cripe John Lott has written a number of books on the subject, excruciatingly researched, with breakdowns of American gun statistics versus geography, demography, income, local gun control laws, etc. Outside of isolated geographical pockets, the US is no more violent than any other western nation. An interesting correlation noted is that the higher percentage a city voted for Obama, the higher the gun violence.

    • David W George This article breaks down homicide rate by race for youths in U.S. Not gun related directly, but I’d guess that the majority of homicides in the U.S. are by gun.…/youth_homicide_rates…

      The numbers support the statement above.


    • Pig Tush Ok, and the other part of your claim about ‘non-advanced’ cities? What’s your definition? How do you correlate gun violence in other ‘non-hyphenated’ areas of the US, such as Appalachia? Can you find any research that shows correlations between actual non-advanced countries (third world?) and US regions with respect to violence? I am very interested in how you connect these dots. Do you have favorite sources that you skim on a regular basis?

    • Timothy A. Livengood Interesting. So if we just cherry-pick by carefully excluding places in the US with the worst violence — which are still, if I am not mistaken, populated almost entirely by citizens of the US — then that makes us only a very violent and homicidal nation but not ludicrously high in violence beyond most war zones. I have an even better idea: if we just exclude all convenience stores — which we have learned from the Simpsons are places of high crime populated entirely by immigrant staff, and who cares about a bunch of non-American foreigners? — then we can look even better. Or if we just exclude all crime scenes from our statistics, then we can become one of the most peaceable nations on Earth.

    • David Wayne Cripe No, if you view the issue demographically, you can identify common cultural features among populations and communities with high gun violence. If you were serious about reducing violence, you would look at changing the culture. However, when members of that culture can be counted on to vote for a particular political party at >90% rates, and when that political party runs the communities involved, a political solution is not likely.

    • Timothy A. Livengood Ah! So, I see — code words. It’s those “hyphenated” people who need to change, “certain demographics” that need to change. Not us non-hyphenates. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and guess you aren’t referring to the Irish-Americans who used to dominate organized crime. Nor the Jewish-Americans who used to dominate organized crime in the places where the Irish didn’t. Nor the Sicilian-Americans who have at least dominated the public awareness of organized crime for decades since the 30’s. No, I’m going to guess that you rightly recognize that you would be labeled as racist if you said what you really mean. What you fail to recognize is that it’s not just a politically correct label when it’s accurate.
    • Timothy A. Livengood Anyway, if, as a nation, we were serious about reducing gun violence then we would have permitted the CDC and NIH to collect statistics on the subject for the past 20 years. Instead, we have left it to people like John Lott, who has an explicitly pro-gun agenda, to collect statistics and we have to trust that he did it objectively. Try reading the Vox article (which includes citations). Lott is full of nonsense.
      • David Wayne Cripe The Vox article is overly simplistic. If gun ownership is the primary cause of gun violence, then why don’t you have massacres in gun shows? Why do you not see massacres in Switzerland where every household owns a military rifle? Why do you instead see concentrations of gun violence in high Democrat-voting districts?

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