Integration by parts

It’s vacation so I must be coding. Today it’s outside with a lovely view of the rolling hills surrounding Deep Creek Lake.

I’m working on getting all the pieces for the first version of the Recognizer working. The goal is to have a webapp that allows for original  “posts” or “comments” that pertain to a post. I’m thinking that both of these can be handled in the same table:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `session_table` (
`session_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`type` int(11) NOT NULL,
`entry_time` datetime NOT NULL,
`ip_address` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`browser` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`referrer` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`submitted_text` text NOT NULL,
`raw` text NOT NULL,
`parent_session_id` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`veracity` int(11) NOT NULL,

There is extra data being stored here (browser, ip, etc) simply because it will make correlations potentially easier at this state when I have little idea what works. I’m also storing the raw data along with the post so it can all be processed later, in multiple ways. At this point, the intent is to save the raw data as key/value pairs in JSON, mostly because it’s easy to make that conversion using Y.JSON.stringify.

The other thing that I’ll need to organize the posts/comments is a topic table. I think that for the time being, it can be taken from the title of the first post. Comments can then point to the topic, and that allows for filtering of what to see. Additional filleting at this level can be keywords, trustworthiness, location, etc.

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