The Saga Continues, and Mostly Resolves.

Continuing the ongoing saga of trying to get an application written in Visual Studio 2010 in MSVC to run on ANY OTHER WINDOWS SYSTEM than the dev system. Today, I should be finishing the update of the laptop from Vista to Win7. Maybe that will work. Sigh.

Some progress. It seems you can’t use “Global” in the way specified in the Microsoft documentation about CreateFileMapping() unless you want to run everything as admin. See StackOverflow for more details.

However now the code is crashing on initialization issues. Maybe something to do with OpenGL?

It’s definitely OpenGL. All apps that use it either crash or refuse to draw.

Fixed. I needed to remove the drivers and install NVIDIA’s (earlier) versions. I’m not getting the debug text overlay, which is odd, but everything else is working. Sheesh. I may re-install the newest drivers since I now have a workable state that I know I can reach, but I think it’s time to do something else than wait for the laptop to go through another install/reboot cycle.

Started writing haptic paper. Targets are CHI, UIST, or HRI. Maybe even MIG? This is now a very different paper from the Motion Feedback paper from last year, and I’m not sure what the best way to present the information is. The novel invention part is the combinations of a simple (i.e. 3-DOF) haptic device with an N-DOF force-based device attached. The data shows that this combination has much lower error rates and faster task completion times than other configurations (tactor only and open loop), and the same times for a purely haptic system. Not sure how to organize this yet….

This is also pretty interesting… Either for iRevolution or ArTangibleSim

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