So the testing part of the code is done and working. Yes, there are bugs, and some cases where exceptions are thrown that should be handled, but if you color inside of the lines, everything works. Of course, now I need to be able to record the output, so it’s time for some classes to handle the work of saving results for analysis.

  • Creating a TestResult class with the following information
    • session number
    • test number
    • test type (speed or accuracy)
    • time to lift
    • source position
    • cursor position
    • angle difference
    • speaker volume matrix
    • Also, there will be a toString(), toCsvString(), and  toXmlString() method for output;
  • The TestManager will instance and store TestResults in a container (vector?), which will have the additional fields
    • Researcher name
    • Subject name
    • Sound file
    • Total sessions
    • Speed tests per session
    • Accuracy tests per session

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