Ye gods, we might actually have something to use here…

  • Well, after two days of not being able to work on this due to Comps prep and trouble with a significant fraction of my vehicles, maybe I can get something working today.
  • Added everything from How to: Integrate X3DAudio with XAudio2, and definitely got a result – when the emitter position moved off of center, the sound cut out. Now you might think that’s a bad thing, but my guess is that I have some variable that either being set with zero or junk, which is messing up the sound matrix calculations.
  • Using the XAudio2Sound3D project as a source of code to mine, I pulled over the (much more extensive) emitter setup and now have things working, although not as clearly as I’d like. Next is to clean up and package the code into the SampleSound-derived classes.
  • And by the way, this might be a good hard hat to try the rig on:
  • Cleared a lot of nonessential (i.e. listening cone)code out of the emitter
  • Realized that I could probably use voice->SetOutputMatrix() to set the channels directly. I added a method that cleans out the dspSettings.matrixCoefficients and then sets a single value in the matrix. Whadaya know – it worked 🙂
  • Need to do some packaging of the code, but I now have enough to do tests for the situational awareness system and to get rid of the MIDI boards for the vibrotactile controller.

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