Monthly Archives: May 2013

When does surround not equal surround?

Apparently when you’re using OpenAL.

There is a multichannel test binary that you can run. (C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\samples\bin\win64\PlayMultiChannelWin64.exe). It should run

front left, center, front right, rear right, rear left, and subwoofer.

Instead, it’s running

front left, front right, and center.

I’ve verified that all eight speakers are working in the test app that comes with the drivers. I’ve also verified that the sound is correctly sent using the Control Panel Sound->configure tool. So I’m not sure if it’s OpenAl or something else. Ah well. That’s for tomorrow.

A bit of a new direction

Somewhere in the middle of finals, I realized I had this nice FLTK/OpenGL application I’d written in C++:

It currently calculates and outputs audio commands to an Arduino that in turn talks to MIDI boards for each channel. But if I can use the main CPU’s internal audio capability, then I can have a deeper level of capability, and it works for enough of my current projects that it’s probably worth building some generic capability.

So that means I need a C++ library and API that can be built using the MSVC 2010 IDE. Possible options are: