3D sound and the search for a header file.

Today, I was going to extend the audio app to do some simple 3D sound. Nope. Aside from a lot of distractions that really only allowed me to get a couple of hours work done, the C++ documentation for this capability is getting harder and harder to find. And for some reason, Microsoft does not seem to believe in producing samples of code that actually do something. Instead, there are lots of nested pages, each pointing to a tidbit of information. Sigh. Anyway, here’s today’s struggles.

  • I thought this tutorial would be the best way to get positional information, but it appears to be stale. The New Way seems to be this.
  • Close, but it’s actually part of the Windows API now?
  • Nope that’s C#. Still looking. Since I have xact3.h working, trying to stay in this space…
  • Ok, at least for now (and yet again!) I think I know what’s going on and what I should do next. For tomorrow, I start writing a 3D version of Audio.h/Audio.cpp and then try calling that from the ConsoleSoundApp.

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