Monthly Archives: July 2013


  • Meeting with Dr. Kuber.
    • Add a “distance” component to the test and a multiple emitter test
    • Got a bunch of items to add actuators to: Hardhat, noise-blocking headphones, and a push-to-talk mic.
  • Added name and gender fields to the GUI and cleaned up the menus
  • Working on adding multiple sounds
    • Added a ‘next’ button. Once pushed, the sources can show until the center is clicked again.
    • I think the test should have options for how the sounds are added
      • Permutations (A, then B, then C, then AB, AC, BC, ABC)
      • All (Going to start with this)
      • Random?
  • Added variable distance

Version 1!

  • Writing out files – done with CSV, not sure if we need the xml yet. Here’s what a session result looks like:
  • Trying to copy the executable over to another machine. First, the app failed to launch until I installed the end-user directX package. Now, it fails to start the XAudio2 engine. Trying the full install.
  • Built a release version. That may be better?
  • Well, it was either the full SDK install or the release build, but it works. I’m betting that it was the release build, since the debug dlls aren’t included in the DirectX end user package and I may have been referencing those.
  • Everything is now on the laptop for tomorrow’s meeting 🙂
  • Oh yeah, and I need to change the versionversion1