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Done with wiring. Well, for now.

Today’s job was twofold – get all the speakers wired up and test everything as a unit, and if that works, get a cheap bike helmet to mount them all to.


Eight Speakers and Blinky Lights

Testing was a breeze – it turns out that Windows has a nice control panel for configuring speakers:

SpeakerConfigAll I have to do is click on the speaker, which gives me a convenient tone. Otherwise, I’m not sure I ever would have been really sure as to which speaker was what.

Anyway, everything works. The next picture should be looking something like Rick Moranis  in Ghostbusters:

Early Proof-of-Concept

Early Proof-of-Concept

Ok, I’ve got the actuators mounted in the helmet and they work pretty well. The only problem is that the Dolby until is locked into stereo mode and I can’t seem to get it to think that it’s 7.1. Sigh. Guess that’s the problem for tomorrow…


Now with more wires

I managed to get all of the components hooked up around the amps today. Now I have the USB Dolby 7.1 decoder on top of the amp stack, with all four amps bolted together. I’m waiting to get a power strip that I can hook up all the power supplies too. But everything should have a nice blue glow when it’s plugged in. Tomorrow, I’ll hook up the speakers and see how it all sounds/feels.


Today’s laundry list

Not much progress, due to other classes, work, life-in-general. But I have a gap today so:

Meeting at PAD lab to discuss our cohort of projects

I’m going to swing by Home Depot on the way home today to get some .25″-ish threaded rod and nuts so that I can make a tiny rack for all the amps. They also sell Y-adapters, so I’ll pick up a few more of them. Pix by the end of the day, with luck.

And I came across this cool thing:  $59 pcDuino – AllWinner A10 Board with Arduino Compatible Headers. Here’s a picture:

And here we go – the world’s cutest 8-channel amp: